Hello, I’m Steve Howe and I’m excited to share with you the work I have been doing to help individuals, teams, and organisations become more resilient, using ResilienceBuilder®.

In recent years unsustainable levels of stress and burnout have become increasingly common in the workplace, impacting people’s well-being and leading to an increase in long-term sickness and attrition. Over the span of my career I have met many people from different fields, some of whom were better able to cope with change and stress than others. This piqued my curiosity, and eventually led me to research the possible reasons behind my observation. After three years of research and development I would like to introduce you to ResilienceBuilder®; a powerful online tool designed to assess the resilience level of individuals and teams, and provide them with data-driven recommendations and changes to their habits to increase their ability to cope with challenges more effectively.

It all starts with the ResilienceBuilder assessment tool, designed to measure resilience.. We deliver a detailed picture of your current level across 5 key areas of resilience, providing you and your team with tangible foundations upon which you can build.

In our experience supporting teams isn’t enough, that’s why we approach resilience on an individual level with help and advice tailored to fit each participant’s resilience profile.

Organisations need individuals, teams and leaders who can survive and grow in the face of today’s extreme challenges.

Whether you are an individual or organisation looking to build resilience, or a coach who would like to develop a resilience practice, please reach out and I would be delighted to explore the possibilities further with you.