Mental Strength is one of the key characteristics of highly resilient people. Furthermore, one of the most commonly cited aspects of Mental Strength is ‘adapting to change’. Let’s explore this in more detail.

What does our assessment say?

In a recent survey of 345 people in the technology sector using the ResilienceBuilder Assessment Tool, we discovered:

Of respondents with high levels of resilience:
Less than 1% had challenges adapting to change.
Of respondents with an average level of resilience:
17% had challenges adapting to change.
Of respondents with the lowest levels of resilience:
66% had challenges adapting to change.

Adapting to change

We live in a fast-paced and ever-changing world. Having the flexibility and mental agility to adapt when things go against us or major change occurs – re-organisation, merger or redundancy for example – is an important aspect of mental strength and resilience.

Kübler-Ross developed the ‘five stages of grief model’ which has since been adapted to ‘the change curve’. This suggests that people experience different emotions at various stages of a change starting with shock,. This moves to denial, anger, depression, acceptance and finally integration with the new environment.

The key to adapting

Moving through the change curve to ‘acceptance’ as quickly as possible is critical to success. It’s easier said than done and there are many different approaches one can take in order to successfully speed up this process. As a starting point it is helpful to look at the positive opportunities that the change may bring, and not to dismiss the opportunity to learn new skills or have new experiences as change takes place.

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